Expert Witness Services

TVI provides engineering support to General Contractors,  Design Engineering firms, City Engineers and Architects for large construction projects involving welding.

The engineering interventions can be related to welding problems, metallurgy of welds, inspectablility of joints, choice of welding and inspection processes, while products are manufactured to  CSA, ASME, AWS or other National and International  codes.

Welding  is frequently taken for granted by Management and General Contractors. Welding is a four dimensional process and the fourth dimension of time is most often misunderstood.. Mismanagement of time from the start of the project often leads to cost overruns related to welding issues. Welders in their everyday work are constantly dealing with time - welding wire feed speed, welding arc travel time, preheating time or waiting for the material handling, inspection or searching for parts and drawings to name a few! Mismanagement of time related to the welding process parameters often results in poor welding quality needing more time to repair. Paying attention to welding right at the conception of the project generally results in informed decisions throughout the contract to deliver a product to the contracted quality specifications at the award of the contract . Globally successful contractors and companies pay close attention to manufacturing processes and never take welding for granted. It pays off to start the consulting process sooner than later to avoid costly overruns.

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