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TVI provides Quality Engineering services to its clients, drawing on wealth of experience gained servicing the metal fabrication industry in the last 4 decades. The engineering interventions can be related to metallurgy of welds, inspectablility of joints, choice of welding and inspection processes, while products are manufactured to  CSA, ASME, AWS and other National and International  codes. We also provide Shop and field welding assessments for Lean interventions to improve throughput and quality. Welding assessments performed in over 100 metal fabrication shops teach the need for process control for proper execution of welded joints, to meet the required quality.  TVI provides Expert Witness services for welding related issues to resolve technical conflicts and litigation between contractors, owners, engineers and architects. TVI also provides preventive welding engineering support  to manufacturers, contractors, utilities,  city engineers and architects for large projects in the  initial phase of conception to avoid or minimize costly welding related problems once the project is launched.

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